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We keep your personal information private and secure. When you make a purchase from Cloudist.Store, you provide your name, email address, credit card information, address, phone number and a password. We use this information to process your order(s), to keep you updated on your purchases and to personalize your shopping experience.

Our secure servers protect your information using advanced encryption techniques and firewall technology.

To keep you informed about our latest offers, we may notify you of current promotions, specials and new additions to this store. You may unsubscribe from our newsletters by following the unsubscribe instructions in any email you receive from us.

We use "cookies" to keep track of your current shopping session to personalize your experience and so that you may retrieve your shopping cart at any time.

We take privacy very seriously and we do not and will not ever share or sell any customer information with anyone for any reason willingly, we even host our own email campaign service behind our own encrypted service.


We do not collect nor store unnecessary information and securely destroy information collected for the purposes of providing services after the required holding period.


Our email services are encrypted, you may be required to accept an encryption key for email communications with us. If you ever have a question about the validity of email communications from us, please contact us.  Some providers such as Yahoo or Hotmail may treat such communications with hostility, and rate limit or alter securely transmitted communications. We highly recommend for your privacy purposes using a secure mail such as Protonmail or an equivalent.


We process payments in compliance with PCI standards. We do not transmit, store or collect credit card information. Payments made through our credit processors may be sent unencrypted and information on payment processors may not be known to us. We take extraordinary efforts to ensure safe and private transactions while using our goods and services.


Billing may show Cloudist.Store or jwill depending on processor used. You agree by use of our services that we may bill from either of these organizations.


We ship plain package envelopes or standard issue shipping providers packaging and contents of packages are not disclosed on the outside of the packaging to ensure privacy.


If we ever experience a data breach, we will notify all parties involved and ensure all reasonable steps are taken to secure your data and information. We may offer credit monitoring services if the breach includes private data. We will work at the discretion of our credit processors.


We will dispute any and all chargebacks and in the event we are found favorable you will be blacklisted from use of our site and services.