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Our Mission-


Cloudist.Store is not about a quick buck. We are not trying to carry every item under the sun and hold thousands of pieces of inventory. We want to bring you the good stuff and we hand pick every item in our inventory because they work better than advertised and we use and believe in each and every item carried.


We are vapers too, whether you are trying to win cloud chasing competitions or want maximum flavor chasing, we get it. We want to offer you a personal service and products that step up your own vape game and take your vaping experience to the next level.



Our Promise to You-


Our store is a “clone free zone" and we buy direct from the manufacturers or through approved distribution. Everything for sale in this store is 100% authentic.


All in stock items ship within 24hrs if ordered Monday- Friday. We love vape mail too and we will get your items moving quickly. 


We eat our own dog food and use the items that we sell, there is not a single item in our store we have not tested. We are here to support you before and after sale. 


We are not now and never will be owned or subsidized in any way, by any organization associated with big tobacco or the pharmaceutical industries. We will close our doors and lose everything before selling out to the leading causes of preventable death.

Who We Are-


We are two people who love vaping in all its forms and have an entrepreneurial spirit. You matter to us because without you there is no us.

We are a debt free company, with no credit lines. We put our money where our mouth is and only carry products worth having.


We offer personal shopping experiences beyond the items on our site. If there is something that we are authorized to sell that we donâ€â„¢t have in stock, shoot us an email and we will get it for you if we can. We have worked out arrangements with our partners, so we can hunt for things like specific serial numbers and color combinations of new run items. With some of our partners we have first pick of items as they leave manufacturing.


We support vape advocacy and strongly encourage you to do the same. The FDA, Big Tobacco and the pharmaceutical industry want vaping regulated out of existence. Most of the industry has their heads in the sand hoping to ride a unicorn to unregulated glory. We know this is not going to happen and we are pledging 1% of all profits to various vaping advocacy groups to fight on our behalf. This is a day 1 pledge from our first sale to our last. As our business grows we plan to increase that percentage.