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Acrohm "FUSH" Semi Mechanical Single Battery 18650 Tube Mod

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Part Number: Acrohm-Fush
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We picked up some of these as a curiosity and we have them in stock (as in not on preorder). This is a neat little mod that we have dubbed the rave mod. Its bright, it works and it is definitely different. 

This is a semi mechanical single 18650 tube mod meaning that it has built in protections that are designed to keep you safe. You shake it like a baby to get it t o change colors and hit the go switch to make it work. Pretty easy stuff. This hits in the middle portion of your build capabilities using whatever the internal calculator it uses. It does not shoot to the top of the power band like the AT7. Making this a comfortable device for screwing around or carrying around when you dont want to carry your nice mechs. They say its bullet proof as well. We plan to test that one day and will report back. Get it while we have it as we will likely not bother restocking on these once they are gone. While cool, they are not in line with our product portfolio. 

- Shake for a color change
- 24.5mm Top 
- 26mm Base
- Polarity protection
-40A Bypass throughput

Includes Mod, manual and box. 


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