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Welcome to jwill's custom shop. This is my playground for creating beautiful finishes that are not your standard fare of "distressed", blood splatters and Punisher skulls. I focus entirely on fine showroom quality, truly custom finishes and have developed my own patent pending processes and colors for coating. Every piece that leaves my shop, does so with a 2 year warranty on simple terms. 

Every item is warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and finish materials for a period of two years from the date of purchase. I guarantee that my custom work will not peel, flake, or crack during the course of normal use. If I fail you by failing on the finish, reach out, get an RMA, send it back and I will refinish it and send it back to you. If you fail and wreck the finish, I will fix it for you for a nominal fee. Fair is fair. 

Every color I use except white, black and clear are mixed in house using pigments made to my specifications and sourced locally in the United States and a couple of other Allied countries (purposely vague). You will see lots of candy, chameleon, holographic and chrome type finishes not available anywhere else (and that is not by accident). I personally finish every mod that goes through the door and do them one at a time to ensure maximum quality of the final product. It was, is and always will be my goal to bring you something different, finished to the highest standard, is flawless and offered at a very fair price. 

At this time I am only offering this service to inventory we source for the purpose of finish work. Some additional items we carry may be candidates for fine finish work. If there is something we carry that you may like finished, please contact me through the contact form so we can talk through what you want. Please do not reach out for distressed, blood splatter or Punisher skulls. I will not do them. I am also unable to take on inventory that originates from somewhere else. The risks involved in taking responsibility for items that were never ours is more risk than reward, sorry. There are a few exceptions to this rule such as one off items already damaged and in need of repair and certain pieces from some of our partner brands that are known to be good candidates for finish work. 

With that, I very much appreciate you looking through what we have for sale and please check back often as items will be coming and going regularly. You can find all custom items for sale here