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Taffy Splash- "Strawberry" 100ml

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We are all in on Taffy Splash "Strawberry". If you like artificially flavored, chewy taffy like candies, then this e-liquid is for you. We actually went back to Taffy Splash and asked for more samples it is so good and we have been selling ourselves our own stock (true story).

The strawberry is moderately sweet and candied and is most prevalent on the inhale. It dulls momentarily and you get more of the taffy candy and candied strawberry on the exhale and it leaves you with very brief sugar lips as a kiss goodbye. This stuff tastes and smells absolutely wonderful. It is hands down our favorite commercial e-liquid, ever. Bold statement right? It is that good.

0mg nicotine
3mg nicotine
6mg nicotine

*This product contains nicotine, nicotine is a highly addictive chemical.

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