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The Coil Coalition- 3X28/36 Gauge Stainless Steel Alien Coils (Pair)
3x28/36 Gauge SS316 Alien Coils- Raymo2U

The Coil Coalition- 3X28/36 Gauge Stainless Steel Alien Coils (Pair)

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Part Number: CC-Raymo2U-3x28-36gAliens
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We have long wanted to offer coils in the store and instead of running out and buying machine-made coils and marking them up we decided to form The Coil Coalition. This is a cooperative effort among coil builders and Cloudist.Store to bring hand made coils to market for $10/pair. 

We have reached out to many of our friends from the Vaping Underground in an effort to 1. Help the fantastic coil builders make some money 2. Offer some of the best damn coils money can buy for a very fair price and 3. Connect coil buyers to makers who can tailor builds to your exact style of vaping. We will carry everyday builds from loads of makers and you can reach them for more exotic builds that are not feasible to offer at $10/ Pair. 

We give the builders the freedom to build what they want, build in a capacity that works for them and we take care of the packaging, taxes, marketing and even shipping from them to us. Once in hand, we verify the inventory and then sanitize the coils under Ultra Violet light and then package them up for shipping.  We very much hope that you will consider supporting independent builders by supporting this project. It's not every day you get hand made coils from skilled builders for $10/pr or $10/ per 2X pair of certain Clapton coils (see description). 

For this offering we bring you a pair of very well made, all stainless steel Alien coils from the builder Raymo2U. These have a 3x28 gauge cores and wrapped in 36 gauge stainless steel wrapper. These coils have a resistance of .10-.11 per pair and are designed and built for mechanical use. 

- All Stainless Steel Construction Coils
- Handmade, American Builder
- High Quality Wire

1 Pair (2 Coils) 3X28/36 Gauge Stainless Steel Alien Coils

Coil Leg length, spacing and deck will all have an effect on final resistance of the coils. You should have an accurate ohm reader and appropriate firing station to test these coils for yourself prior to use. By purchasing and using coils in a rebuildable fashion you agree to assume all responsibility for your own personal safety and shall hold harmless, cloudist.store, its associates and the builders. You and you alone are responsible for what you do with these coils.  

Mechanical Mods and Rebuildable Atomizers are for advanced users only. Not for a beginner or average vapers with no knowledge of Ohms Law or how to use a multimeter or ohmmeter to check for the resistance or for shorts in their coil builds. These materials cannot be safely used by the inexperienced user or those without basic knowledge of how electronics function. Please ensure proper precautions are taken when using these devices as to not cause damage and/or harm to the battery, mechanical mod, atomizer or yourself and others. Cloudist.Store will not be held liable or responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of these advanced vaping products and devices. Mechanical Mods and Rebuildable Atomizers are advanced user products. Use at your own risk.

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