Retail for us is dead.



When we started the store we wanted to focus on mid to high-end mechanical gear and cater to the collector and serious enthusiast while trying to bring some semblance of personal touch back to the industry. We were also aware of the risk and said we would live and die by it, which we are now doing.


So, instead of crying about it and a bunch of well wishes, we are going away. Cloudist is Dead. Cheap and Chinese are apparently the right answers and we will never be those people or bow to the Chinese machine. We would rather close our doors and leave with some dignity.


Fun fact: The store broke even at 5 months and 3 weeks, and we have always been debt-free so we are not walking away from this broken and beaten, but since sales have been so bad, we are going to save ourselves the headache of watching the walls crumble down around us as we inch towards the tombstone and just move to full custom work like we have been working towards anyway.


This is not a sob story, this is us being realistic about what is going on and knowing what the next 8-10 months look like. We are unique in that we own our inventory, are not in debt and have the capability of leaving without being bankrupt like so many other vape businesses will be soon enough. There will be a time for real sob stories, save your tears for those guys.